Welcome to the 21st Century…

…so I decided to start a blog. Here’s my first entry!

I am an avid knitter (ask my husband) and some-times crocheter. I usually purchase pretty skeins of yarn that I see in the yarn shops. The fun begins when I match them up with the perfect pattern that will bring out the best qualities of the yarn (colors, drape, form, etc.). Sometimes this works…other times, not so much and then I rip it out and try another pattern.

Monday through Friday, I work in a mid-sized law firm in Kansas City as a paralegal. It’s a good job, good folks, decent pay. My hubby works as well, but his hours are varied leaving me some time to sit and knit or surf the web for knitting ideas.

As I was sitting and surfing, or sitting and knitting and surfing, I thought, “What about a blog about knitting?” Realistically, I wasn’t sure if anyone even cared about a blog that I would write about knitting, but thought if I kept the costs low and just did it in the event someone would find it remotely interesting or helpful, then maybe it would be worth it. And, as long as I enjoy it and someone is interested, I’ll keep it up!

However, to keep it interesting between us, I thought I’d post on the following things:

Knitting / crochet projects
Pattern designs / designers
Knitting /crochet tips
Yarns / Yarn dyers / Yarn companies
Knitting / crocheting gadgets and tools
Random thoughts about pretty much anything

Hopefully, this will keep us entertained, informed or at least somewhat amused.


OSKnits on white

6 thoughts on “Welcome to the 21st Century…

  1. luckythimble says:

    I too like buying pretty yarn and then matching to a pattern. Unfortunately, I’d still class myself as a beginner so I can be a bit limited by the difficulty of a pattern. I’m currently trying to stick to buying yarns for specific patterns until I get more experience , but it’s tough!

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    • Orange Smoothie says:

      It IS tough! 🙂 But there ARE easy patterns to make from one skein of really pretty yarn that are very easy to knit! The yarn does all the work in making the knitted item look like you did something complicated. It’s true! Also, if you find a nice pattern that’s been knitted a lot by looking at the number of projects it has in Ravelry, and especially if the designer has a Ravelry group, you’ll be able to get the support you need to get you through the pattern if you have trouble. Folks are really nice about helping beginners in these groups. I’d recommend Susan Ashcroft, Martina Behm, Casapinka patterns due to the sheer number of folks who’ve knitted their patterns and their group support. Also, I’m OrangeSmoothie on Ravelry. I’ll be happy to help you with questions!

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