Mmmm . . . Tea . . .

Today’s post is short. But sweet.

Seems like a lot of knitters enjoy tea (and cats, but I’m allergic).  So I’ll post my tastings occasionally in case you find it interesting.

Found Shang Tea (in Kansas City’s Crown Center) at the Midwest Tea Fest last month. Was an awesome event and enjoyed tasting various teas, seeing tea accoutrements and purchasing new tea to enjoy.

Since the Tea Fest was across the street from Shang’s store, we popped in and purchased one of his tea samplers.

Shang Tea Silver Needle King White TeaShang Tea Silver Needle King White Tea

This morning, I’m having Shang Tea’s Silver Needle King White Tea. Smooooooth. It’s like green tea without any grassy overtones but WAYYYY better. Shang specializes in teas sourced from China and are high quality. Plus, his store has porcelain teaware to die for.

If you’re intrigued, here’s a bit on Shang. He’s got something special here.

7/21/15 edit:  Feast magazine just posted this article about Shang Tea.

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5 thoughts on “Mmmm . . . Tea . . .

  1. luckythimble says:

    I do love a good tea! Unfortunately, I have a tendency to buy it faster than I drink it, but since I find the bags really pretty and like to just smell the tea occasionally it’s fine right?

    Liked by 1 person

      • luckythimble says:

        Have you tried the little balls of tea before (they may be called lotus flowers)? When you put one in hot water it slowly opens into a flower like shape and that’s also when you know it’s ready to pour 🙂 really lovely.


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