The Good, the (not so) Bad and the Ugly

I took up a new hobby . . . weaving!

Last week, I purchased a 15″ Cricket Loom from the Woolery’s online store. It was on sale so I figured if I didn’t take to weaving, I would be able to sell it secondhand without losing too much of my investment. Well, I shouldn’t have been so concerned about that.

Shipping was fast and arrived in just a couple of days.


I got hubby’s cordless screwdriver and went to town on the parts.


And voila!


First Weaving Project

So let’s start with the Ugly.

After watching many a YouTube video on this particular loom, I was able to warp it with the included yarn . . .


I did not get to pick the colors that came with the loom. Suffice it to say, I was not inspired (because if you’ve ever seen my Ravelry projects, you’ll know that I really like colors–just not these).

As you can see, my end result had some issues.


Tension was really too tight on one side, my selvedge edges (the sides) were uneven and the colors were ghastly together. Look. At. That. Fringe! The lighting is accurate so what you’re seeing is actual ugliness. So, I gave it a soak, blocked it and chopped off the fringe.


It was straighter, but still ugly as hell. But a good practice run on yarn I didn’t care (at all!) about. Someone at the Goodwill will look at that and wonder, “WTF?”

Dream Weaver Scarf

So I took a little online class on Craftsy, Rigid Heddle Weaving with Angela Tong, and got right back up on that horse.


As I was weaving, hubby’s iTunes started playing Dream Weaver by Gary Wright, hence this scarf’s name.

image_medium2 (4)

Weaving with this yarn was much more enjoyable with the color changes and resulted in this:

image_medium2 (2)

And I did the twisted fringe as demonstrated in the Craftsy class.

image_medium2 (1)

So, overall a better result. Not so bad!

image_medium2 (3)

Third one’s a charm.

Noro Silk Garden Scarf

I think I have the hang of it now!

image_medium2 (5)

I started and ended with a hemstitch.


When it was done, I got smart and used my rotary cutter to cut the fringe!


And, with two very long pieces of yarn (warp and weft), it was good!


Quite happy with the colors and how they changed slowly.


Edges were nice and neat.


Gorgeous colors and very happy with the result!

Have you tried weaving yet? I highly recommend it as a great stash buster and a break from the same-old.

OSKnits on white

P.S. If you want more details of these projects, just click on the project titles above and you’ll be able to view my project notes.

15 thoughts on “The Good, the (not so) Bad and the Ugly

  1. fromthiscloth says:

    I thought that was one of the Noro yarns – so distinctive! And so lovley.
    Did it come up nice and soft after washing? I have only woven a small sample with Silk Garden so far and didn’t find it as soft as I expected.


      • fromthiscloth says:

        Interesting. Well I can share that the Noro Tokonatsu cotton/silk/viscose is lovely and soft. Sadly, like a lot of cotton, the colours aren’t as beautiful as the wool/silk mixes. I used it for my blue striped scarf and it’s really nice to wear.

        Liked by 1 person

    • Orange Smoothie says:

      Thanks! I read to use a rotary cutter somewhere but I forgot where. It’s so much easier! And I was going to get a stand, but because I like to sit on my squishy entertainment chair next to hubby, it’s too low for the stand. So I found an adjustable height table at Staples for $20 on sale (normally $27). I think I use the 24″ setting. It’s perfect for warping and weaving. And if need be, it’ll fold up flat for storage.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. FogKnits says:

    I have several friends who bought crickets last year! Talk about a gateway drug…one of them is one to a huge floor loom already! Consider yourself warned! 🙂

    I love the look of weaving and the beautiful lightweight fabrics, somehow I’ve managed to resist getting involved myself!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Orange Smoothie says:

      Oh no! A gateway drug! LOL! I would hope that living in s small one bedroom apartment would prevent me from obtaining a full scale model loom! 🙂 I do love the quick results and it uses less yarn than knitting. Plus, it keeps my right arm and wrist happy. You WILL be assimilated! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      • FogKnits says:

        I kinda feel like if you have the small loom, then you a need a sewing machine to make garments. Might as well just upgrade to the big loom so you don’t have to get addicted to sewing too 🙂

        It’s a slippery slope, that much is certain!

        Liked by 1 person

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