Elbow Therapy

Some may wonder why I decided to try my hand at weaving.

About five months ago, after knitting a poncho that was particularly heavy, my elbow started hurting. I hadn’t been able to shake this intermittent pain so I considered something else to take up, related to fibery creation, to give my elbow a rest between knitting projects.

Many knitters tend to lean towards spinning fiber, and I considered that, but it just didn’t interest me. I tend to prefer a beautiful skein of yarn catching my eye in a yarn shop. Walking away from it thinking if someone buys it, then it was not meant to be. If it’s still there after the sixth or seventh pass, I’ll either cull my selection, work more hours or ebay something.

I had considered weaving, but looms were kinda complicated and expensive.

Then, I saw this:


My Ravelry buddy, Ann, wove this beautiful scarf out of a skein of light fingering weight sock yarn. It was stunningly beautiful in its watercoloresque charcoal-y pseudo-retro look. I LOVED IT!

Pushed me right over the fence.

So, after quite a bit of research on what kind, type, brand to get; after lots of YouTube-ing for demonstration videos of different kinds and techniques; and after lots and lots of web shopping, comparisons, reviews and deal searches, I found a sale on my 15″ Cricket loom and haven’t looked back.

So, now you know.


So, here’s another one I finished this weekend. It’s 100% Bombyx silk. I’m quite happy how it turned out.


There were little spots of copper and random spots where the silk didn’t take the dyes. Added to the handmade beauty of this scarf.

image_medium2 (5)

Not surprisingly, 100% Bombyx silk from Happy Fuzzy Yarn wasn’t difficult to work with. I love how shiny and strong it is.

image_medium2 (6)

And it’s so soft! The fringe is particularly beautiful in its simplicity.

image_medium2 (4)

Great little project and used up almost all of the two 50 gram skeins.


It appears, once I got the hang of it, that scarves don’t take a lot of yarn to weave and my elbow thanks me for it.

OSKnits on white

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