Vice’s Kickstarter Petals

Not sure if you’ve heard of Vice Yarns. Elizabeth Inman (Lizzie)’s an awesome yarn dyer in Texas who dyes up some vividly colored and great-to-work-with yarns in her studio. A few months ago, she had a Kickstarter campaign to purchase some equipment to make her yarn dying business more efficient and so she could make more for those of us who love her yarns. She was extremely successful in her campaign and is now fulfilling rewards.

One of her Kickstarter rewards was “1 small cake of Blurred Lines long colour changing yarn in colourway Kickstarter 2015 (75 grams, approx 250 yards).” I backed her Kickstarter campaign by pledging $28 (a bargain!) for this little cake. It arrived mid-August and looked like this:



I knew exactly what I was going to make out of it, so after clearing away a few unfinished projects, I made this:

Vice’s Kickstarter Petals


The pattern is Zuzu’s Petals by Carina Spencer. I’ve made many cowls from this pattern and really enjoy the easy and quick knit.

Although this is fingering weight yarn, I used my Addi Turbo US 5 needles and managed to get a good, lacy cowl out of it, with some yarn to spare. The cake did start with a good deal of the white/silver that I cut out and started when the gray got darker so I could make sure I would be able to get into the dark purple at the end of the cake. Worked like a charm!


Quite pleased how this turned out! Give Lizzie’s Vice Yarns a shot. It’s very nice stuff and, after fulfilling her rewards for her Kickstarter campaign, she’ll be back up and running making beautiful yarns in her signature bright colors!

OSKnits on white

P.S.  If you’d like to see other projects I made with Vice Yarns, check them out here.

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