Isabelita Shawl Test

Another test knit for Casapinka!

This one is Isabelita. It’s a crescent shaped shawl made up of two colors. The main color is solid and the contrast color can either be a solid or a variegated. For this project, the main color is Northbound Knitting Merino Fingering Singles in colorway Gothic.


And the contrast color is Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light in colorway Firewood.


This was an easy knit and a great pattern by the color guru, Casapinka. I loved how the Firewood colorway picked up the purple in the Northbound Knitting main color.

I did hit some snags along the way. They were completely unrelated to the pattern — just me and some choices I made.

Choice #1

As I was winding the hank of Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light into a center pull ball, I happily spaced off until the yarn swift caught the yarn on one of the arms and the yarn jerked and tightened on itself on the ball winder. At that point I should’ve unwound the yarn on the ball winder a bit to release that tension. This is particularly important working with a singles yarn since it’ll easily felt onto itself. I later discovered a nice tangle that I had to deal with for a majority of my time working with the contrast color. Lovely. When I finally got tired of working around the blob of yarn, I pulled it out and spent two unproductive nights untangling a bit, knitting, untangling, knitting, untangling. Ugh! I was glad to make my way past that and continue knitting in a less fiddly manner.

Choice #2

The pattern called for a US 6 needle. Since I have a tendency to knit fairly loosely, because the singles of mainly the Northbound Knitting yarn was pretty thin in spots, and I wanted to show off the pretty stitches without being too “airy”, I stepped down to a US 5 needle. That was all fine and dandy until I got to row 32 of the 37 final rows for the body of the shawl. Unfortunately, I had forgotten an important element — smaller needle with thinner yarn = more stitches per inch, therefore requiring more yarn. Duh! So I ran out of main color about 5 rows early. The main color was approximately 400 yds in a skein, so I would recommend more yardage if you go down a needle size. However, no worries . . .


. . . because this pattern was really forgiving, I just moved on to the contrasting color border rows. Details on how I transitioned to the border rows is on my project page in Ravelry.


Choice #3

I started the border rows, thankful that I had made it this far after the first two choices, and happily knit along. But when I was doing row 2 of the two row border, I noticed I had gotten off kilter on row 1. So . . . I tinked back after finding my error and started over again. Once I got the first row corrected, things went much smoother. Sure, after finishing row 1, I could’ve looked back to make sure I knit that correctly before proceeding to row 2, but that would’ve taken time . . . and . . . that . . . saved . . . me . . . yeah, right. Haste makes waste.

So, the results are in and I am quite pleased with how Isabelita turned out!


FullSizeRender (003)

FullSizeRender (2)

FullSizeRender (00B)


Again, another awesome, colorful pattern by Casapinka!

(And, it is up for swap on Ravelry!)

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