Fabulous Hacks & Tips from Indie Designers (a collection from SpaceCadet Yarns)

I received a cool little e-book (and it’s free!) from Stephanie of SpaceCadet Yarn, an Indie dyer herself!

The very descriptive title of it is: The SpaceCadet’s Collection of Fabulous Hacks & Tips for Knitting and Crochet from Awesome Indie Designers.

She compiled these knitting and crochet tips for her email subscribers. It’s nicely laid out and a quick read.


I’m always looking for good ideas to help me with my knitting and crochet projects. With her e-book, I learned some new things and was reminded of some others I had forgotten. Two of my favorite tips were The Sexy Knitter Sarah Wilson’s Texas Long Tail Cast-On and Fallingblox Designs Alasdair Post-Quinn’s Slip Stitch Bind-Off.

This collection also features several photographs of each designer’s work, a brief bio and clickable links to more information about them at Ravelry or their websites. Designers included in this e-book are:

To get your free copy, just click here to sign up for SpaceCadet Yarns’ fun mailing list (with tips, project ideas, beautiful pattern recommendations and her latest yarns) and you’ll get a return email instantly with the e-book attached!

If you’d like more information about Stephanie and SpaceCadet Yarns, please visit her websiteRavelry groupTwitter and Instagram.

Thank you, Stephanie, for this helpful e-book!





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