Rooibos Hat

Another hat knitted from The Tea Collection of hat patterns from Clare Devine is off the needles!

Firstly, the yarn.


I used Vice Yarns’ Floozy, a worsted weight yarn in colorway Oliver. The skein didn’t look that inspiring at Yarn Shop and More, but I bought it anyway because I love Lizzy’s yarn.

image_medium (1)

As you can see after being knit up, there are flecks of pink in the brown, making this hat’s pattern have some depth in color.


The pattern is Rooibos and is another beautiful hat pattern.


This one is lacier with seed stitch panels between the petals.


A nice slouchy hat.


I loved the pattern. So easy and enjoyable to knit. Clare’s patterns are well-written and clear. Her photos are also helpful so I can compare what I’m knitting to what the hat’s supposed to look like.

Another fabulous hat pattern from Clare! These knit up quickly for last-minute gifts!

This one is up for swap or sale for Ravelry members here!

Until next time!




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