South Beach Pom Pom Hat

I got another super bulky Freia from the kind folks at Loops in Tulsa. So I was looking for something fun to make with it.


It’s Freia Ombre Super Bulky in colorway South Beach. Very pretty gradient!

Coincidentally, I happened upon a Clover Extra Large Pom Pom maker at JoAnn and snagged it with my 50% off coupon.


So, after searching for “Pom Pom” in Ravelry, I found this Freia Pom Pom Hat pattern by Roxanne Yelle. Super cute! And what better use for my new Pom Pom maker than to make it into this cute hat!


Isn’t it adorable!

At first, and I don’t have a photo, the Pom Pom was H-U-G-E!!! The Extra Large Pom Pom maker makes a 4.5″ Pom Pom. Over the course of 3 days, I manicured it down to 4″ and it seems more manageable.


I must say, whittling down the Pom Pom did seem like a practice in bonsai tree trimming. Somewhat Zen-like.


I sewed the Pom Pom down so it is secured to the hat without any wobble.

If I wore hats, I would keep this one, but since I don’t. . .

The South Beach Pom Pom Hat is for sale or trade (FSOT) on Ravelry!

Also see my other FSOT finished objects here. I update this FSOT page with new finished objects regularly, so please visit often.

Until next time!


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