Black to the Fuchia Test Shawl

I knitted another test shawl for Casapinka. This one’s called Black to the Fuchia, get it? Too funny!

Casapinka has aligned herself with yarn goddess, Miss Babs, who sent me this lovely set of gradient yarn for the contrast colors, Yummy 2-Ply in colorway Pleiades.



And the main color in colorway, Slate. Aren’t they pretty?

So here are the results!


I just love how Casapinka can design such an easy-to-knit pattern. So easily memorized while I watched tv and hubby playing Fallout 4!

Casapinka is having a knit-along in her Ravelry group right now! Get a copy of her pattern and some yarn (Miss Babs is having an online sale through December 31, 2015) and enjoy the cameraderie of others knitting the same pattern.

Also, this shawl is available for swap or sale here to Ravelry members!

Have a safe and Happy New Year, everyone!


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