Kitty Invisibility Cloak

Top Secret Reveal:  I had a fun time knitting this test shawl for Casapinka, the Kitty Invisibility Cloak!


The yarn is Hedgehog Fibres Skinny Singles in color ways Spell and Hush.


The way this is knit up is rather clever, but I won’t give away the secret. But it doesn’t constitute picking up all the stitches at one time so it’s fun and an easy lace repeat to knit. The garter section was a no-brainer and great for tv watching or travel knitting. The lace portion, after you get it set up, is great to tv watch as well after memorizing the repeats which didn’t long to see in my knitting once I had a couple of repeats done.


Hedgehog Fibres really makes some vivid color ways and this one, especially the Spell (dark purple), was quite…well, spellbinding. Nice, vivid purple to offset the tranquil Hush color way.


And Casapinka has again come up with a clever name for this shawl—Kitty Invisibility Cloak—can you see the little “paw prints” in the dark purple and then they “disappear” as it crosses over to the lighter color? Cute, huh? (Yeah, we know the lace is really flowers, but that would be boring.)


The construction makes it cool to wear in many different ways. It’s long enough to wrap, but not too long. You can emphasize the lace or the garter portions. I love this shawl and look forward to seeing what other color ways it turns up in by other knitters!


Head on over to the pattern to get the specs and purchase it for your own Kitty Invisibility Cloak!

More top secret reveals coming!


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