Ann’s KC Visit / Knitting in the Heartland 2016

Ann flew in from Florida to attend Knitting in the Heartland (April 1-3, 2016 in Overland Park, KS) with me this year. We had an awesome time!


 Queen of Selfies, Ann Alger, and yours truly at the event

We got to see Stephanie Pearl-McPhee’s keynote address on Friday evening, then hit the vendor market so hard we shut it down!


Ann and Stephanie at the autograph session

Saturday, we went back to the vendor market to kill some time before our class. There were lots of fun booths to visit with lots of beautiful things to see, touch and talk about.



Th’Red Head Designs (left) and Nerd Girl Yarns (right)

Ann with the folks of Nerd Girl Yarns!


Ann enjoyed sifting through all the cute origami star stitch markers at The Sexy Knitter’s booth


 “Hot and Sexy” ~ Ann (HotCraftyGirl) and Sarah (The Sexy Knitter) with Ann’s stitch marker purchases!

We went to our Amigurumi Crochet class taught by the wonderful Debra Lea where we learned to crochet a little Panda!

Ann’s selfies from Debra Lea’s Amigurumi class

Here is Ann’s Panda! How cute!


Panda with scarf by Ann Alger

Mine, well, I was crocheting a bit too tight and ended up making it into something completely different . . .

Meet Mr. Sperm . . .

watermarked photo 4 (2016-04-17-1702)

Yeah. Well, our instructor thought it was cute!

Then we hit the vendor market again after class! (See a pattern???)

We got some lovelies. Here’s my stuff:


I got the oranges project bag and little cats wearing sweaters wallet from Magpie Wishes, the black colorful notions bag from Willow Island Designs (@Instagram), pink and black yarns and little notebook from Show Me Yarns, the pink and gray and the orange and aqua variegated skeins from Nerd Girl Yarns and the pink skein from Th’Red Head Designs.

As you can see, Ann is quite happy with her purchases. This is just a mere fraction of what she took back with her to Florida. (She also liked the floor pouf!)


Over the course of the weekend, we made our rounds to some (yet, sadly, not all) of the local yarn shops. We drove to Lawrence, Kansas to the Yarn Barn of Kansas.

Photos of Yarn Barn of Kansas by Ann

After which, we went across the street and enjoyed a slice of Papa Kenos pizza with my hubby.

Photo of us and her Hawaiian pizza at Papa Keno’s by Ann

Then we headed to Angelika’s Yarn Store/KnitCraft in Independence, Missouri.

Photos of KnitCraft by Ann

In Overland Park, Kansas, we hit the Yarn Shop and More (twice) and The Studio Knitting and Needlepoint.

Yarn Shop and More (left) and The Studio Knitting and Needlepoint (middle & right) by Ann

Of course, we made sure she had some gen-u-wine Kansas City BBQ while she was here.

First, we introduced her to Kansas City’s finest, Joe’s Kansas City (original location in Kansas City, KS), for burnt end sandwiches. Two words: Meat Candy.

Photos from Joe’s Kansas City by Ann

She liked it so much, we ended up going back to the Leawood Joe’s KC for more BBQ!

Confirmed Ann’s a carnivore! She shot these photos at Joe’s KC in Leawood, KS

We also took her to Jack Stack BBQ for their crown prime, beans and cheesy corn. I really think she likes BBQ . . . She just didn’t get sick of it, LOL!


Ann’s selfie at Fiorella’s Jack Stack Barbecue in Overland Park, KS

Sweet tooth be damned, we had a giant cinnamon roll and gooey butter cake from Best Regards Bakery and cupcakes from Cupcake ala Mode.

Cinnamon rolls (left), gooey butter cake (top right) and cupcakes (bottom right) by Ann

Ann had never experienced a Krispy Kreme glazed donut hot off the line, having had a less-than-stellar experience with the gas station variety. Well, we’ve made a believer out of her!

Ann’s shots of Krispy Kreme’s counter and them making the donuts on site!

And for something completely different, we introduced her to kolaches from the Kolache Factory and they were a hit!

Ann’s egg, bacon and cheese Kolache at the Kolache Factory

I introduced her to a cool place, Fabric Recycles, where she loaded up on buttons and I loaded up on serger (sewing) books!

Photo Apr 01, 1 45 50 PM

Ann shot this of our Overland Park, KS Fabric Recycles store

Being a tea drinker, I took her to Tea Market and drove her around the Country Club Plaza. She shot some lovely photos of the JC Nichols fountain with no water in it. (The fountains were restarted for the season two weeks later!) And I stopped the car long enough for her to shoot a fabulous photo of the World War I Liberty Memorial and she saw a quick drive by of Union Station.


Liberty Memorial by Ann

It was my birthday weekend and Ann brought me some wonderful gifts, with a cupcake themed card and gift bag!


The peacock notions bag she sneakily purchased at the vendor market from Willow Island Designs (@Instagram), the yarn is an awesome skein from Julie Spins, and last, but not least, her very own, handmade stitch markers that she sells in her etsy shop, Uptown Knitting!


They are gorgeous, aren’t they? And orange! I LOVE orange! Please visit her etsy shop, Uptown Knitting for all her wares (knitted accessories, fiber, stitch markers, etc.)! She’ll be adding more stitch markers, too!


Catfish in the aquarium at Cabela’s by Ann

To wrap it up, we took Ann to see some beautiful aquariums at Picasso Exotic Aquatics and local fish in the Cabela’s at the Legends. Then we went shopping at The Legends Outlets before bidding her a farewell at the airport.

Wow! What a whirlwind! And to think we didn’t get a chance to visit a few other smaller local yarn stores, and more food! Ann’s promised to come back (I think she misses the BBQ)!

Many thanks to Ann for coming all the way from warm Florida to visit our cloudy and very windy Kansas City area! And, a big thank you with hugs and kisses to my hubby, Dwane, for driving us everywhere even though he was recuperating from a sinus infection!

I think it’s safe to say that a good time was had by all! (But it took several days to catch up on our sleep!)


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