PLY Away 2016

Ply Magazine had their first annual spinning retreat this past weekend (April 21-24, 2016) at the Westin Crown Center in Kansas City. I decided to check it out even though I’m not a spinner, but because YOU KNOW I love the vendor markets at these things!

Here are photos of the vendor market.

Vendors present were: Abstract Fiber, Ashford, Bonkers Handmade Originals, Briocolage Studios, CJ Koho Designs, Carolina Homespun, Essential Fiber, HansenCrafts, Huckleberry Knits, Kromski, Lendrum, Louet, Mohair and More, October House, The Ross Farm, Saori HanDen Studios, Schacht, Sincere Sheep, The Spinning Loft, Strauch, Yarnorama/Fiber Obsessions, Topeka Twister, Wool & Cotton Co, The Woolery, Yarn Barn, Yarn Geek Fibers, Yarn Hollow.

I’m a sucker for Freia (at the Carolina Homespun booth):

Photo Apr 22, 4 33 25 PM

I enjoyed chatting with Denise of Saori Han Den Studios. Here’s a sample of what was sitting on one of her demo looms (she had looms set up for folks to try their hand at weaving Saori)!

Photo Apr 22, 4 58 13 PM

Here’s my bit of stash:

Photo Apr 22, 7 41 14 PM

A skein of Sojourn Sport and stitch markers from October House, two gradients from Huckleberry Knits, small stitch markers from Essential Fiber, Tuft Knitter’s Hand Balm from Tuft Woolens in the Wool & Cotton Co booth.

A couple of cool things I saw in the Wool & Cotton Co booth:

A S*T*A*S*H t-shirt!

Photo Apr 22, 5 21 09 PM

Postcard about blocking:

Photo Apr 22, 5 18 41 PM

Stash box:


Photo Apr 23, 7 56 27 AM

Obviously, since I’m not a spinner, I didn’t attend any classes, but I heard from Skirler (who generously offered to spin up some fiber for me!) that she loved her classes with some awesome instructors.

Overall, it appeared everyone was having a good time and hopefully, Ply Magazine will return to the Kansas City area for their second annual spinning retreat!


8 thoughts on “PLY Away 2016

  1. hecate0lionhart says:

    I feel like if I were to go to something with that many vendors I would get a concerned call from my bank from all the money spent. I actually only just found an amazing yarn shop in the city I live in and now I know why my knitting group had knick named it The Crack Store. The urge to go back and buy more yarn I don’t technically need or have project ideas for is overwhelming! Kudos on having more willpower than me!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. littleblackdogsa says:

    Awesome. Love the great pictures, its like I am nearly there with you.
    My heart is wanting some ombre yarns, I see gorgeous ones in some of your photos. I think I need to go check out some online. 🙂
    Glad you went and had such a good time. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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