The Manny Scarf

I had a chance to test knit a scarf with Koigu for the lovely Casapinka! The name of the pattern is Manny . . .

I used three colorways in Koigu KPPPM:

From Left to Right: Color A: Wynwood; Color B: Barbie Coupe; Color C: Romeo and Juliet

The cool thing about this scarf is . . . no weaving in ends!!! 

Turned out fabulicious and great little scarf for Spring and Summer!

Photo Apr 24, 10 13 05 PM (1)

Photo Apr 24, 10 12 08 PM (1)

Photo Apr 24, 10 10 30 PM (1)

Photo Apr 24, 10 01 38 PM (1)
Enjoy this new pattern from Casapinka, Manny (you’ll love the back story on her pattern page)! It would make a lovely gift as well!

This little item is up for swap or sale on my project page for Ravelry members only!


4 thoughts on “The Manny Scarf

  1. hecate0lionhart says:

    When I read there were no ends to weave in my brain was like, “Boogedewah?!” But turning them into the fringe is super clever! Chevrons are so much fun to knit and those colors go really well with each other.

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    • Orange Smoothie says:

      I. MUST. USE. “Boogedewah?!” Yeah, I thought Casapinka was messing with me when she said I didn’t have to weave in ends, LOL! I love how this turned out! The colors at first were like, “Meh.” But after several repeats of the three colors, it really meshed together well! Thanks!

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  2. Orange Smoothie says:

    Actually, when Casapinka and I were discussing colors of Koigu yarn, I sent her a link to Personal Threads. She was delighted to find such great quality photos of the colorways and enjoyed the yarn color names as well! 🙂 How fun that you name all the colors there!


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