Noro Crescent Shawl

I was asked to knit a sample shawl for Lisa of LMB Designs. She had a beautiful shawl pattern that was picked up by Noro Magazine for their Spring/Summer 2016 #8 issue. It’s the #7 Crescent Shawl and is on Ravelry as a pattern but not available for electronic download as yet. And look what arrived in today’s mail!!!


It made the cover of Noro Knitting Magazine!

The issue is out and popping up at various yarn stores or could be purchased directly via Noro’s online order site or on Amazon (my affiliate link*). The Noro magazine in electronic format (e-zine) can be purchased via the iPad/iPhone free app here.

I knit this shawl with Noro’s new yarn, Mirai. The colorway is 9. Webs has it in stock here!

Photo Jan 02, 12 37 32 PM

Photo Jan 02, 12 38 08 PM

Photo Jan 02, 12 37 45 PM

I was pleasantly surprised how the colorway changed perfectly as the shawl was shaped.

Photo Jan 09, 12 26 29 PM

Photo Jan 09, 12 27 13 PM

Photo Jan 09, 12 26 06 PM

See the pretty hearts in the lace border?

Photo Jan 09, 11 49 48 AM

Lisa’s pattern was easy to knit and it knit up quickly. This shawl would make a great gift for someone or yourself!

As warmer weather rolls in, light shawls like this are great for the occasional breeze or air conditioned places, without being too heavy or hot. This shawl blocked wonderfully and is light as a feather.

Until next time!


*My Amazon affiliate link doesn’t cost you anything—any purchases via my Amazon link will help me feed my craft funding so I can continue to make pretty things to blog about! Thanks for your help!

12 thoughts on “Noro Crescent Shawl

  1. hecate0lionhart says:

    Every year as the weather turns I find myself frantic to finish my bulkier projects so I can put them down for the summer. I love knitting shawls and lazier, smaller projects Once the weather turns warm. Another favorite are stuffed animals; they’re so small and fast and there’s no pieces of knit fabric sitting in my lap.

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  2. Pamela F Tucker says:

    Congratulations on the shawl and getting on the cover of Noro Magazine! Gorgeous job!! I am currently knitting this shawl. I am a new knitter, this is actually my first project. It is going well but I don’t know what to do at the turns. Most people seem to wrap & turn but the pattern only says “turn”. So, what did you do?
    Kind Regards,

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  3. Audra says:

    I have knit this pattern and it is beautiful. I’d like to knit it again, but I’d like to make it a bit wider…. I understand the 10 stitch repeat, so I’d increase by 10’s, but I’m not sure where to start the short rows… is there a trick to figuring that out?

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