Sweet T Shawl

I had the opportunity to test another great shawl by Casapinka! Her pattern, Koi Pond, was created in affiliation with Quaere. This is my favorite shawl by far that Casapinka has created!

I started with Vice yarns’ Gradient Set, Sweet Transvestite (I don’t make these names up!) and paired it with Zen Yarn Garden’s Serenity 20 in Silver Moon.

I love the knot stitches and the interplay of the six colors in this gradient set. The Zen Yarn Garden Serenity 20 is soft due to its cashmere content.




The pattern was easy to memorize and went well with watching tv and chatting. I labeled each color its requisite letter by placing each yarn cake in a baggie with the color letter written on the side in Sharpie. That way, I can easily find the next color to use.

Another thing I did was put stitch markers between the lace repeats so I could easily keep track. The stitch markers also helped me easily keep count of my stitches when I moved to the next section. The lace was super easy and this pattern does come with both charts and written instructions. 🙂

This shawl can be knitted with a gradient set or even 100 yds (25 grams) each of the six colors of scrap yarn.

It’s a nice size for air conditioned rooms or chilly summer evenings.

This shawl is up for swap or purchase on my Ravelry project page for members of Ravelry!

Until next time, happy colorful knitting!


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