Crocheted Pattern Weights

I was between test knitting projects so I crocheted these pattern weights. I used the pattern Crocheted Metal Washer Pattern Weights by Haley Pierson-Cox. My pattern notes are here.

For those who don’t know what pattern weights are, they are used to hold down a paper pattern on top of the fabric you’re wanting to cut instead of pinning the pattern to the fabric. These weights are made with washers and the crochet pretties up washers and makes them easier to pick up and move around.

I had a package of 25 so I made all 25 of them from scrap yarn.


These pretty variegateds are made with Red Heart Medley in colorway Stained Glass.


These are made with Miss Babs K2 in colorways Into the Void (variegated) and Babette.


And these are made with Cascade Yarns Longwood in colorway Red.


And these are my favorites—made with The Verdant Gryphon Odyssey in colorway Psychedelic Peacock.


I’ll be looking forward to using these one of these days when I have extra time to sew!



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