Stadium Seat Cushions

Hubby and I went to drag boat races this weekend. It was hot outside and in the process of transitioning from unshaded seating to shaded seating, I managed to lose one of our padded seat cushions in the process.

It was a freebie from an insurance company, so not a big deal, but I still felt bad that I lost it when it was totally preventable. Problem was that it was covered in black fabric (with insurance company logo on it) and it was small, so I completely forgot it. 😦

I decided to make coordinating replacements, of course!


So I purchased the foam pad and fabric samples from Hancock Fabrics’ going out of business sale.

The material was water resistant, easy to clean stuff. The Nufoam was good for outdoor use.

I scissors cut the foam in half to make two cushions.


Each piece of fabric wrapped perfectly around the 7″ x 14″ piece of foam with a little extra that I considered making into handles, but nah. I have same insurance company’s little backpack that they would fit perfectly in, so I skipped that.


With right sides together, I sewed one short end and the long end with my serger, turned it right side out, and stuffed the padding in. Inserting the foam was easy because I put the foam inside the plastic it came, folded lengthwise with the open end of the bag inserted first, then I just pulled the bag out after I got the foam placed where I wanted it.


I then used my ruler and rotary cutter and cut off excess fabric from the open end, serged the end closed, then used the blind hem stitch and folded the serged portion under.


Hubby exclaimed (jokingly) that he didn’t want paisley, he wanted checkered flag material! Sadly, Hancock Fabrics didn’t have that in the home fabrics section. 🙂


Replacement stadium cushions done. Next project may be my t-shirt dress…


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