Mix Your Six with StevenBe

This is a continuation of StevenBe at Yarn Shop and More. Today was his workshop, Mix Your Six: A Game of Modifications. This workshop would teach us to free ourselves from following patterns in a traditional manner and mix it up with different yarns and techniques.

I arrived early to get the best seat. The classroom was set up invitingly.



Steven started by telling us that we are here to break out of blindly following a pattern—to mix it up and create something unexpected and get out of our comfort zone.

He had us do an exercise where we cut a shape out of paper and then knit that shape. I was doing well and happily knitting along, added a second color and continued on. At the end, I was pretty close (the piece is flipped backwards, but you get the idea), except that due to its shape, it looks like a uterus…


You can’t take me anywhere.

Anyway, he showed us how to wind up a hank of silk, which can be slippery, by inserting sheets of toilet paper (unused) as the cake of yarn was wound so the silk wouldn’t slip off itself and unwind into a tangled mess. I could’ve used this advice the night before when I wound up some 100% Tencel. That yarn launched itself across the room a couple of times as I wound it. Ugh.



One of the things that I took away from this workshop was that Steven said that a workshop is where you WORK…and then you SHOP. So, we did that, too. Note his cool zippered project bags with the yarn kitted up in them.


He found other yarns that the Yarn Shop had in stock and arranged them together so we could see what would work together for a project.



This was the front table with a great selection of silk, mohair, merino and kits!


And when a knitter needed some assistance, he was a great teacher!


Steven also taught us how to do Mama Christa’s cast-on. It was very stretchy and would make for great hat brims or the bottom edge of sweaters and his Ponchinis where stretch is important.

I was working on the Scribblechini that needed a stretchy cast-on so this was really awesome to learn in person from him.


It’s almost done. You’ll see it in an upcoming post, I’m sure.

Both StevenBe and Yarn Shop and More had drawings for giveaways through the day. I was surprised to have won the first drawing! It was a project bag of madelinetosh Unicorn Tails!


I have always wanted to try these and now I can! Thank you, StevenBe and madelinetosh, for a wonderful giveaway!

Back to work!

At the end of the workshop, he showed us his stretchy double bind-off.


Before we left, Steven made sure we remembered what we learned by having us knit a swatch with Mama Christa’s cast on and his stretchy bind-off.

I did follow the rule of the workshop. I worked, and then I shopped. I ended up getting the two cones of Ito Tetsu silk lace weight that contain stainless steel in them.


Can you see the stainless steel?


The stainless steel will hold a shape and can be reformed by just pulling it or shaking it out. Very cool. Not something I see around here.

StevenBe presented an excellent workshop. Frankly, the best I’ve ever attended. The added bonus was that he spent all day with his “morning session,” so we definitely benefited from all his tips and tricks and inspiration to get us to read our knitting and not blindly knit a pattern. We all learned that we could create what WE wanted to create with yarns that we may have never put together before.

It was extremely enlightening and I feel very fortunate to have had StevenBe come to Yarn Shop and More today. Thank you!

Go forth and create!


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