Variegated Sweet Anemone

I had one skein of this pretty yarn sitting in my stash for some time that I didn’t know what to make with it.


It’s Sunshine Yarns Soft Sock Yarn (discontinued) in colorway Strawberry Banana. I loved the yellows and pinks in this yarn. It was pretty splitty to knit with so it made it unacceptable for some of my two-skein color knits, so I gave it a second chance with my Sweet Anemone shawlette pattern.




Sweet Anemone tackled the variegation well!



This 100% super wash Merino makes this shawlette very light and drapes well. Makes for a great travel item to pull out of your bag and throw on when things get chilly on that plane trip or in a restaurant with or theatre with too much air conditioning.

For more information and to purchase Sweet Anemone, visit the pattern page.

To purchase this lovely Merino wool shawlette, visit my Etsy shop.

Happy knitting!


4 thoughts on “Variegated Sweet Anemone

  1. cottagechickknits says:

    I’m really glad you posted this. Mine is going to be extremely variegated as well. So variegated, in fact, that I was getting a little worried that the pattern wouldn’t show up (I’m using one of the new Wild Berry colors in Mountain Colors Twizzlefoot). After seeing this one, I’m not nearly as concerned. 🙂

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