Caracol Twyst Shawl

I had two skeins of Malabrigo Caracol in colorway Cirrus Gray so I thought I may as well see what I can do with them. I figured I’d give the Twyst Shawlette pattern a shot but use both skeins since the pattern is adjustable.



I had a couple of oversized skeins so I got a nice wrap from the 190 yards.



The shawl is warm and soft. Turned out beautifully. Pre-blocked size was 60″ x 16″. After blocking, it grew to a nice 71″ x 21″. My project notes are here.


I was pleasantly surprised that only one 90 yard skein of Caracol could yield a great shawlette when I knit Twyst Shawlette with only one skein in my previous post. With two, it becomes a wrap!


This knitted shawl is also for sale in my Etsy store here. And you can purchase the Twyst Shawlette knitting pattern here.


There’s still time to register for the Twyst Shawlette pattern giveaway here!



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