Rasta Twyst Shawlette

I have been saving my one skein (90 yards) of Malabrigo Rasta in colorway Aniversario for something special. Twyst Shawlette seemed to be a good idea. So here it is!


I think it looks great! And with some aggressive blocking with my blocking wires, it grew from 38″ from tip to tip and 12″ at the deepest part to 50″ x 14″. Not too shabby!



Look how beautiful the colors are in this new colorway by Malabrigo. My project notes are here.


This shawl is reversible so it’s pretty on both sides and the pattern is adjustable to whatever amount of yarn you may have. I do recommend at least 200 yards per 100 grams as a general rule.


This sample shawl is for sale in my Etsy shop. And the Twyst Shawlette pattern can be purchased here.


Only a few more days before the Twyst Shawlette pattern giveaway ends. Get the details here. If you have already purchased Twyst Shawlette and win the giveaway, I’ll refund your purchase price!

Have a great week and keep on knitting!


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