Kitty Kidney Stones = Emergency Yarn Sale!

Please help a fellow knitter!

My buddy, Ann Alger, who visited me this past April for BBQ and Knitting in the Heartland, is having an emergency yarn sale to help pay for the five-hour kidney stone surgery her sweet fur baby, Fuzzball, had yesterday.

Here’s Fuzzy when he didn’t have kidney stones.

Here’s Fuzzy’s x-ray yesterday at the vet.

imageSee where the orange arrow is pointing at the row of little white dots? That’s what 13 kidney stones stuck in a cat’s urethra looks like.*

So, Fuzzy went in for surgery at 4pm and after doing another x-ray and finding MORE stones to remove, the vet finally finished at 9pm! Fifty kidney stones! Yes, that’s right, FIFTY!

Well, you can imagine how much 5 hours of surgery, the anesthesia and at least two x-rays would cost! Gads! So Ann is selling her stash yarns at bargain prices to help make a dent in the HUGE vet bill.

Would you please help a fellow knitter out by purchasing her yarn stash, very nice patterns, or some stitch markers or handknits from her etsy store?

She’s marked her yarns down a lot so there are bargains to be had on some very nice yarn: JulieSpins, Miss Babs, Skein, Madelinetosh, Malabrigo, and many more!image.jpegYour help would be greatly appreciated!

And Ann’s working with her vet as well as changing up Fuzzy’s diet so he can avoid this painful condition in the future.

EDIT: Ann just set up a GoFundMe campaign on Facebook. If you’d like to help her reach her goal, click here for more info or to donate. Thanks to those who have already helped! 🤗

*For those fascinated by kitty kidney stones, there’s an informative article at petmd (yes, there’s a petmd just like there’s a webmd).

All photos by Ann Alger.


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