Ann’s Shawl Pin Display

Today I’m highlighting this brilliant idea by my friend, Ann Alger, who was happy to share this with you . . . Take it away, Ann!


Do you have some beautiful shawl pins lying around that you would like to display but aren’t sure how? Here is a quick and easy idea with great results!

I wanted to fill in a space on a display shelf that I have. (If you don’t have a space in mind, you can use a picture frame and hang it up as a decorative display!)

All you need is some neutral-colored yarn (thicker yarn knits faster, but you can use any weight), a pair of knitting needles, some foam backing board and a standard stapler.

I used some bulky weight, cream-colored superwash merino that I had left over from another project, and a pair of size US 7 circular needles.

First, measure and cut your foam board to size. I recommend cutting it about 1/4” smaller than the actual size you need otherwise it might be too big to fit with the knitting on it.

Cast on enough stitches to cover the area of the foam board and leave enough knitting to be wrapped around all of the sides.

Once you are finished knitting, bind off, wash and gently block your work. Once dry, carefully wrap it around one side of your foam board, securing it with staples on the back of the board.

Continue to work your way down the foam board, pulling gently, until all of the knitting has been secured in place. Then tuck and staple the corners.

Now you are ready to put your foam board into its display or picture frame and pin your shawl pins in!


I hope you have enjoyed this simple and fun project and I would love to see what you create with it!  ~Ann

If you like Ann’s idea here, you should see her shawl patterns!

Visit her pattern page and give her some ♥ or purchase a pattern to keep the creativity flowing! She also has an Etsy store with some beautiful handknits and stitch markers!




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