My Twysted Prince

I was trying to use this really cool yarn by Phydeaux Designs, Phydeaux Yarn Beurre: Superwash Fingering Merino Wool in colorway My Sweet Prince.

I figured it would work with other yarns and colors in my stash, but it just wanted to stand on its own and shine, so I knitted it up with my pattern, Twyst Shawlette.


And it is stunning!


Look at how this yarn does not pool anywhere!

Brenda, of Phydeaux Designs, intentionally dyes her yarns so they don’t pool. I think that’s really awesome! And she has some beauties! Here’s what the yarn looked like before I created My Twysted Prince:


My Twysted Prince can be purchased in my Etsy store! Or you can make your own Twyst Shawlette with the pattern here.

More stashbusting to do! Are you stashbusting, too?



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