Addi Express King Size Fun!

I recently completed a couple of experimental little cowls on an early Christmas gift. I managed to find an Addi Express King Size knitting machine at Amazon [see the product via my affiliate link to the product page] and have created two beautiful cowls very quickly with some added detailing I wove into the stitches. I also liked that I could use up all the yarn so it depletes my stash. AND, unlike weaving on a loom, the set-up to start knitting on this machine is less effort than casting on in handknitting. Yay!

My first shot at using this cool little machine was to create this simple cowl in the softest and pill-free acrylic imaginable, Universal Yarn Uptown Worsted in colorway Plum. I really enjoyed this yarn and so did the Addi. I finished the provisional cast on tube with a kitchener stitch bind off and then blocked. The yarn blocked beautifully. I highly recommend this for the Addi. My project notes are here.

I then turned to some 100% Merino sock yarn in DK weight, Edgewood Garden Studio Shakespeare Series Superwash Merino DK Sock Yarn in colorway MacDuff. I had 400 yards of this stuff and used all of it making a longer cowl that would be suitable for a man to wear, or just wear it doubled up, like so.

The color of this yarn is beautiful and the drape is fabulous. The machine had no issues with this DK weight wool and produced a lovely cowl. My project notes are here.

Here’s one I did with about 1.3 skeins of chunky acrylic, Big Twist Yarns Chunky Solids in colorway White. My project notes are here. The Addi didn’t like this chunky yarn very much, so I had to slow my cranking way down to boring level so it would not drop stitches.To add a splash of color, I somewhat randomly wove in acrylic/wool blend yarn, Buttercream Luxe Craft Thick & Thin in colorway Pink, around the cowl and concealed the join of the two ends of the pink yarn within the “sealed tube” of the cowl so the clean look is preserved no matter which way the cowl is worn. I am quite pleased with how it turned out! So pretty and delicate!


I also did one in a different brand of acrylic, Caron Simply Soft Heather in colorway Charcoal Heather, which was labeled as Aran weight, but didn’t seem to me to be that heavy. It was certainly splitty. Others have had success with knitting this yarn on the Addi, but it was just okay on my end. I had to crank relatively slowly, but not as slowly as I did with the Big Twist Yarns Chunky. However, it worked out nicely with the added pop of color with Buttercream Luxe Craft Thick & Thin in colorway Purple, and I was happy with the result. This one took an entire skein of yarn. My project notes are here.


I have one more white chunky cowl in the works and it’ll be similar, but a little different. I’ll share it here when it is complete.

Overall, the Addi has performed well. Any dropped stitches resulted from improper tension on the yarn, splitty yarn or cranking too fast. I have some sport weight yarn I’d like to try to see if it would do well on this gadget because I’m not too thrilled with the thought of handknitting it. Flat colors do not excite me and I do not want to handknit them, nor do un-soft yarns. I’m hoping that this little machine will help me to keep knitting up my stash quickly. So far, it’s helping!






7 thoughts on “Addi Express King Size Fun!

    • Orange Smoothie says:

      Thank you! It truly is fun to make what normally would be mind-numbing stockinette stitch into something lovely in less than an hour. 😃 I’m looking forward to finding other things it’ll allow me to create quickly. 💕


  1. shellssells says:

    I love the thick and thin yarn detail! It really brings out the beauty of the plain colored yarn and even stitches of the machine knit fabric.


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