Best 9 of 2016

Noticing others posting their Best 9 of 2016, I hopped on the band wagon. In July of this year, I began publishing my own designs and tried my hand at a different tool, the Addi Express King Size knitting machine. You can find the ready-to-ship items in my Etsy shop here. And the patterns in my pattern shop here.

These were my top 9 from 2016:


My first published design, Sweet Anemone

Sweet Anemone was created because I had so many pretty single skeins of 400 yd fingering weight yarns. Lots of them were variegated, too. I designed this to be a no-purl knit that could be easily memorized for social knitting. In a later version, I added a row-by-row stitch count table to accompany the lace chart in case that would be helpful.

My second design of 2016 was Caracol Cowl

Caracol Cowl was borne out of the desire for a quick, yet interesting, pattern for Malabrigo’s new yarn, Caracol. I hadn’t found any patterns that only used one skein of it, so I designed this one-skein bandana cowl to show off the beautiful stained glass colors in this yarn.

But it’s not just for Caracol! It can also work with Malabrigo Rasta

And Buttercream Luxe Craft Thick & Thin yarn from JoAnn …

My third pattern, Twyst Shawlette

Twyst Shawlette fulfilled my need for a pattern that would use up my habitual one-skein, variegated, “why did I buy only one skein of this???” purchases. I wanted it to be easy to knit when there was a good chance I’d be distracted frequently, plus I had a request for something that would be good for handspun yarns. The added bonus to this pattern was that I included a photo tutorial on how to read your knitting so you could knit this without the pattern in front of you.

My fourth design was Sweet Hearts

Sweet Hearts was a labor of love. I had some smaller fingering weight skeins that were either short on yardage or were handspun creations that didn’t run a full 400 yds. Plus, I didn’t want to purl, but I didn’t want it to be boring either, so I designed this pattern to fit all those requirements. I added a row-by-row stitch count table for reassuring knitters on how many stitches per row they should have. A lace chart was also included.

My final published design of 2016 was a freebie, When Winter Winds Blow

When Winter Winds Blow was published in the December 2016 issue of Knotions! Knotions’ patterns are free and publish once a month. I wanted to design a pattern that would allow folks to use a main color and either a contrasting or complementary color. I also found this pattern made a great way to use mini skeins and realized it would make a great team colors cowl as well. The cool part of this pattern was that it was knit in a tube shape where all the ugly wrong side bits were hidden inside. Then the ends were grafted together so you couldn’t see the beginning or end. I included video tutorials for the provisional cast on and the kitchener-in-the-round bind off. Not difficult when you see it on the videos! And the results are really satisfying. Very warm and cozy because of its double-layer construction. Make it short to wear just one loop, or long to wear as a long loop or doubled up. Your choice!

And lastly, the Addi Express King Size knitting machine is so much fun! 

Using this machine really takes the drudgery out of knitting stockinette stitch projects. It does have a fixed needle size of approx. US 9. However, I have been able to knit Sport, DK, Worsted and Bulky yarns on this without much trouble. And, I get a lot of great ideas from the friendly folks in the Addi King Loomers and Knits Facebook Group. If you want to join, just ask and you’ll be added in.

My project notes are here. If you’re interested, I purchased mine from Amazon. Fabulous Yarns is having a sale on them and The Woolery also sells them.

2016 was a creative year for me! I hope it was for you, too! If you like what I’ve blogged about here, please follow me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Ravelry and Pinterest. Please share my posts with your friends, too! I will be publishing new patterns with a giveaway as well as posting new items in my Etsy shop in 2017, so the more, the merrier!

Have a happy, safe and prosperous New Year!



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