Groovy Candy Cowl

I’m a sucker for unique yarns. Case in point — Knit Collage’s Pixie Dust in colorway Granola Girl.

Look at this fabulous thing!


BUT only 35 yards. What to do?

After much searching on Ravelry, I found the Candy Cowl by Juju Vail. It was free and was very simple to execute. It also included Rowan Kidsilk Haze (a kid silk mohair). I used colorway 582, a soft blue-green color.

Here it is!


Although the original pattern calls to seam the ends into a möbius (figure 8) shape, I chose to do an extra repeat making the cowl wider, so I decided to just seam it closed without the möbius twist. If interested, here are my project notes.

I’m thinking this pattern would be great with other art yarns or thick handspun.

This lovely is in my Etsy shop for sale here.

I hope this gives you some inspiration on what to do with some art yarn you have stashed!


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