Perforated Sweater for Miss Babs

I had the honor of knitting a sample, Suvi Simola’s Perforated Sweater, for Miss Babs to take to Stitches West.

I loved the new colorway, Pink Grapefruit in Katahdin, 100% Bluefaced Leicester. My project notes are here.


I’m really happy with how this turned out. The pattern was very easy to follow and well-written. The yarn was heavenly and blocked well. And not having knit a raglan sweater before (I’ve knit cardigans, but not pullovers), this was really easy to execute and quite a comfortable fit without looking sloppy.


I highly recommend Perforated Sweater by Suvi Simola and Miss Babs Katahdin. Please check them out and give these good folks some business.

Until next time!





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