Towanda! Test & Sample Knit for Casapinka

I’ve not posted in a while because I was busy knitting a top secret pattern that published this week where I had the pleasure of testing a sample shawl for Casapinka, Towanda!


We agreed on a combo of Indigodragonfly MCS Sock in colorway Sonic F*cking Death Monkey for the main color and Hedgehog Fibres Sock in colorway Exploding Peacock for the contrast color.


Once again, Casapinka designed a quick and fun knit and I was able to knit along with another tester, Astrid, while we group-texted with the tech editor, Deb, and Casapinka! So much fun and it was really cool to see the progress of Astrid’s shawl, too!

I’m quite happy how it turned out!

The shawl shipped to Casapinka and will get a world tour as I believe it’s making its way to Edinburgh Yarn Festival for its debut!

Get the story about what Towanda! means on my project page. And make one with your own creative twist!



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