21 Colors (42 Ends-to-Weave-In) Slouch

I picked up this cool striped hat kit, 21 Color Slouch that included all 21 colors of Blue Sky Fibers Woolstok, from Yarn Shop and More as an impulse purchase because it was all over the internet.

Between projects, I knit it up and was generally happy with the outcome. As you can see, it looks very nice.

However, the yarn colors to be used for each stripe often ran out before the stripe was completed so I had to substitute other colors (visit my project page for details). No big deal, but it was kind of a bummer. And I saw other knitters chose to cast on fewer stitches because they, too, ran out of yarn and found the hat a bit too loose with the specified 110 stitch cast on.

I did make one alteration to the colors intentionally because I thought it would look less . . . odd, to me. The pattern called for ending at the center top by pulling the yarn through the last stitches to make that little hole in the center. A chocolate brown stripe encircled the red-puckered center hole. I chose to close out with a nice yellow green and was happy with the result. 😆

But as any knitter would know, knitting with 21 different colors for this hat would result in having to weave in 42 ends of each yarn stripe. 🙄 That took an entire evening to do.


If you would like to get more info or purchase this lovely hat that took FOREVER to knit and weave in the ends, please visit and give it some love in my Etsy shop!


Thank you and there’s more to come!



2 thoughts on “21 Colors (42 Ends-to-Weave-In) Slouch

    • Orange Smoothie says:

      The reason why I didn’t do this as I went along, was because I was knitting FAST and didn’t want to stop and weave in ends. But normally, when I do a multi-color shawl or something, I weave in ends as I go so it’s not crazy at the end. Plus, it does give some stability to the next rows when the previous rows’ ends are woven in. AND I have to be in that frame of mind to do it. So I make time in front of the tv and just weave in ends like it’s just a part of the knitting process. That way, I’m not rushing it and do a better job. Try it some time! 🙂 It’s really worth it!


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