Hummingbird Shard Shawlette

I wanted to knit something “different” and this fit the bill:

Shard, by Romi Hill, gives an interesting and organic result that pretty much can be done without looking at the pattern after you get the hang of it. It requires at least one color within the colorway be 12-14″ long to make the shard.

I made it with one skein of SweetGeorgia Yarns CashLuxe Fine — it’s 20% cashmere — in colorway Hummingbird. The colors are vibrant and beautiful and the cashmere is so soft and cuddly.

If I had two skeins, it would’ve been bigger than the 26″ x 36″ size, but it wraps just fine around the neck.

This finished Hummingbird Shard shawlette is for sale in my Etsy shop.

The pattern was written for an advanced or adventurous intermediate knitter. I added some helpful notes on my project page in Ravelry to fill in those blanks and to refresh my memory in case time passes and I forgot what I did.

Now that I’m done with this…what next?


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