Llama Drama

I had the opportunity to work on a test knit/sample shawl of Llama Drama for Casapinka. Llama Drama is part of the Miss Babs Knitting Tour 2017 Armchair Traveler’s Club, Peru.


It’s an easy mosaic shawl that is easy to knit. You work with one color at a time per row. A stunning design, once again, by Casapinka!

Photo Apr 25, 10 57 43 PM

Photo Apr 25, 10 58 11 PMPhoto Apr 25, 11 01 21 PM

The colors are Cochinilla (pink) and Humbolt (blue) in Miss Babs Yummy 3-ply (sport weight). My project page with more details is here.

The pattern is exclusive to this Club but will be available for sale on Ravelry around December 2017. I highly recommend this pattern as it’s easy, but yields stunning results!

Until next time!






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