3 Handy Tools for the Knitter

As a knitter, there are tools that I have found to be indispensable. I wanted to share them with you and have included links to Amazon from the vendors who sold them to me. These are my affiliate links and if you make any purchase from using these links, I will get a tiny commission from Amazon (helping me defray some costs of my knitting tool purchases). Thank you!

The Laundry Alternative Mini Portable Countertop Spin Dryer


This is amazing. After my enabler knitter friend told me about hers, I purchased one. Have you ever squeezed excess water out of your project with towels or spun it out with a salad spinner, then waited for a couple of days for your project to dry before you could wear, gift, photograph it? Wait no longer! This dryer will safely spin the excess water from your projects without felting them, then you can block it and it’s dry within hours! You can set it to spin multiple times until your project is virtually dry to the touch. You could always use it for clothes, too.

KnitIQ Blocking Mats


Speaking of blocking, I used to use KnitPicks blocking mats, but then found these. They are super thick. Thicker than KnitPicks mats, so when aggressively blocking out a project, the pins don’t pierce through the bottom of the mat to my tile or carpeted floor. The thickness also makes them very stable. The printed lines (they don’t bleed) help me block a project evenly and provide a straight line or angles to follow. You can flip them to the other side that has a bit of texture embossed for airflow and no printed lines. Also, unlike KnitPicks mats, if you purchase multiple packs of these sets (9 mats in a set + blocking pins!), they are interchangeable between sets and fit together perfectly with the lines lining up. I have 4 sets . . . you know . . . just in case . . .

Smart Weigh ZIP600 Ultra Slim Digital Pocket Scale


I cannot tell you how much I use this! I learned about it from an Instagram post of a fellow knitter who displayed the contents of her knitting bag. This thing is tiny so it’s portable (small footprint, light in weight). For home, I don’t even have to get up from my chair when watching tv because I can weigh my yarn cakes on the little table next to my chair. It measures to the tenth of a gram (ounces and other weights, too) for more precise weights. I showed this little scale to the same enabler friend a week before she was set to go to Ply Away, and she received it in time to weigh bits of fiber she was spinning in her Ply Away class. Apparently, several folks in her class decided they needed one, too.  It also comes with a protective sleeve. For 14 bucks, you really have no excuse not to have one as a part of your knitting repertoire.

These are just three of my favorite knitter’s tools. Do you have any you recommend?






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