Candy Wrapper scarf test knit

I test knitted this stunning lace scarf, Candy Wrapper by Petra Breakstone.

A quick knit, I was able to complete it in a few evenings. I used various leftover yarn scraps that I tied together. My project notes are here.

Candy Wrapper incorporated about 60 size 6 beads that were easy to add (Petra provides a link to a tutorial video). Since this was my first time knitting with beads, it was a great intro to the technique without being overwhelming. It was so easy that in the future I will not be intimidated by other patterns that use them. Beads are optional if you don’t care to add them to your scarf.

Blocking really makes this scarf and it blocked in just a few hours with a fan blowing on it.

This scarf is so lovely that I gave it to someone who will appreciated its unique look! Make your own work of art with the Candy Wrapper pattern by Petra Breakstone.




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