My Simple Hat

Read on to see who gets this hat!

I received a colorful and fun pom pom from Marta of Little Noodlewebs fame. And finally found yarn that was awesome enough to bring out all the colors in it!

I found this Hedgehog Fibres Chubby (super bulky) in colorway Oracle at Eat. Sleep. Knit. It had all the colors from the pom pomโ€”black, orange, bright pink and lime green!


The pattern was a very simple, FREE top-down knit hat pattern, My Simple Hat, by Emily Novikov. It knit up in a couple of hours and I sewed the pom pom snap to the top so it could be removed for cleaning if need be. Here it is!

This hat made me smile as I knitted it and the pom pom really is the icing on the cake. My project notes are here.


I will be gifting this to Deb, a worker at my mother’s assisted living place who sends me photos of mom participating in all their activities. Since I can’t visit much (I live 4.5 hours away), the photos provide me reassurance that my mother is cared for and happy. I think this hat suits Deb’s fun-loving personality and provides a way for me to show my appreciation for her thoughtfulness.

So Marta’s sweet gift in sending me the pom pom inspired me to knit a hat to show Deb how much I appreciate her. How awesome is that?



11 thoughts on “My Simple Hat

  1. littleblackdogsa says:

    It is indeed nice to have someone there that keeps you in touch with your Mom. Deb sounds like a wonderful and caring person. And that Pompom!! ๐Ÿ™‚ It will keep anyone and everyone smiling. It is stunning, and super cheerful. I love this hat!

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