Charity Friday Raffle

I originally posted about my workplace Charity Friday back in 2016. Since I’ve many new followers since that time, I thought I’d update you on my latest fundraiser and offer you a fun way to generate some funds for your favorite charity.

Here’s what I did:

My workplace, a law firm, has Charity Fridays. Every Friday, in order to wear jeans to work, staff members donate $2 and attorneys donate $4 for the designated charity.

My charity, NewHouse, is a domestic violence shelter in Kansas City that offers assistance to women in need by offering emergency shelter and mental health services for them and their children.

Here’s what I did for my Charity Friday: A donation of $5 would purchase an entry in a raffle to win one of my handknit shawls. This is a fun way to generate donations. I chose to offer my brioche shawl knitted from the pattern, Ghost, by Paula Wiśniewska of Polka Knits.

I also reminded all potential participants that Valentine’s Day was coming up soon and their $5 donation could potentially win them a wonderful gift for someone special.

Entries were received until 2:30pm, at which time I assigned entry numbers to each person who donated $5 or more. Those who donated $20 received 4 entries. Those who donated $100 received 20 entries. I wrote the numbers on the donation sheet next to each person’s name.

Then, I used the Random Number Generator and specified I only wanted one number selected randomly from all numbers starting with the number 1 and ending with the total number of entries, or 90, then clicked the “Get numbers” button.


The lucky number was 83, one of our paralegals, Karen! Donations from all participants totaled $466.76 for NewHouse!

I hope this gives you an idea for a fun way to generate some funds for your charity and a quick way for the winner to gain a beautiful handmade gift!


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