Slippers for Me!

I may have already mentioned . . . I never knit stuff for myself. I usually keep the rejects I knit, crochet or sew because they aren’t perfect enough to gift or sell. Well, that’s not the case with slippers!

It’s been hella cold here in the Kansas City metro and when it got below zero, I realized I didn’t have slippers.

My friend of the great white north, Marta of Little Noodlewebs fame, made herself a pair from the pattern, Options Slippers for Women by Kris Basta and they were gorgeous! I had to make some for me!

So I found Potion Yarns had a sale of this cute speckled colorway in her worsted weight Bombshell base, Christmas Eve at the Mall.

And made a pair in size medium. Very warm and they fit really well! I ordered this because it was 100% Superwash Merino wool. I wash EVERYTHING so I wanted to make sure it would handle frequent washings (by hand, but it really needs to be durable).

My project notes for these slippers are here.

About the same time, Eat. Sleep. Knit. had a sale on their exclusive colorways, so I found the Candyland Castle colorway in Squoosh Fiberarts Ultra Worsted. Also 100% Superwash Merino wool for easy cleanability.

These turned out quite nicely! They were a bit snug, but I’ll wear the heck out of them so they’ll stretch just fine.

My project notes for these slippers are here.

So these are my first 2018 completed projects AND they’re MINE! Hubby’s slipper yarn should be arriving soon, so I’ll post his slippers here soon!

What are you knitting for yourself?


6 thoughts on “Slippers for Me!

    • Orange Smoothie says:

      I actually rotate them. I really enjoy them but I’ve discovered I need to really coat them with the spray on the bottoms or they just wear off that non-slip stuff in a week! I will probably manage this winter, then wash them up and recoat them severa times for next winter. And I need to catch up on my posts. Hubby’s slippers are done!


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