Mini Scale Cozy

I managed to lose the protective sleeve to my mini scale the other day. Bummer.

But I found this cute Herringbone iPhone Cosy pattern by Brent Annable that fit my scale perfectly. I just knit it just as the pattern specified, but with some leftover yarn that I used for my slippers.


This turned out perfectly and makes me happy whenever I look at it. It also protects the scale since it’s thick and squooshy. In fact, I think it’s better than the original lost sleeve that came with the scale.


For being my first real colorwork project, I think my tension was just right!


I used the new Addi FlexiFlips for this project and really like them. You just knit with the stitches on just two needles and knit with the third. No laddering and I didn’t poke myself with the ends. I also like it that the ends have on each end a sharp and a blunt tip so you can choose with the needle you’re using to knit with.


My project specs are here. And if you’d like to get your own mini scale (I use it a lot to weigh yarn for my projects), check out my affiliate link here.


Stay tuned for a couple of new patterns that I’ve been working on behind the scenes for handspun and art yarn!


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