Otso for Easton

About a week before, I learned that our long-time apartment leasing agent, Mandy, was expecting her first baby (a boy), Easton. Off to Ravelry to find an appropriate gift for them!

After surfing for about a day, looking at blankets, hats, jackets, stuffed toys, I realized I didn’t know much about Mandy’s choice of colors, the size of her baby, plus it was the beginning of summer weather . . . hmm . . .

I decided it would be safe to make a stuffed toy. I’m not great at small stuffed things. I find them fiddly and hate messing with them. But I was in luck! I found Otso by Sophie Scott. I used Spud & Chloë Sweater in colorway Ice Cream and some leftover yarn for the icord bow.


I could knit this little guy FLAT, not in the round, so it would be less fiddly, then sew him up. This pattern also includes in-the-round instructions for those who want that option.

It took me two evenings to knit this little guy and get him to Mandy ASAP. Whew! My project notes are here.

This pattern was so easy and fun, I’d consider knitting him up again!





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