Brioche Socks for Hubby

There’s nothing like the satisfaction of completing a project for someone you love. I made a pair of brioche socks for my dear hubby for the upcoming cold feet season. The challenge was that I had to make two identical socks where I couldn’t reverse the colors like I did for my previous two pairs for myself. I had to knit a matching pair.

So, Second Sock Syndrome kicked in.

Luckily, @hellskitsch dreamed up a club of sorts to help folks finish their WIPs (works in progress). I was delighted to sign up because if I wasn’t held accountable by my peers, I’d languish in Second Sock Syndrome. #WIPAccountability #WIPwipeout2018


You can join up, too! The details are here.

The details of these worsted weight house socks are on my project page here.

Whew! Back to sample knitting!

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