Coffee at the Grand for Me

I picked up some Madelinetosh Tosh Sock at The Knitting Nook in Owasso, Oklahoma last year and decided to finally cast on a wide brioche scarf for me to wear this winter.

The colorways are Pop Rocks, Toko and Onyx. My project notes are here.


The pattern is Coffee at the Grand by Lesley Anne Robinson. I highly recommend this pattern to those who love brioche. It includes one-color, two-color and 3-color brioche! Very fun for the brioche addict!

Very quick pattern to knit. I didn’t do the tassels because that’s not my thing. Quite happy how it turned out!



6 thoughts on “Coffee at the Grand for Me

  1. M-R says:

    Agreed. Sometimes a buyer’s choice of colours is better than the designer’s.
    Lesley Anne taught me brioche when I couldn’t handle Nancy Marchant’s course; and I’m now proficient in the bascis of brioche lace.
    Love to be advanced but. :\


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