No Harm, No Cowl

I was fortunate to be asked to sample/test knit/tech edit Casapinka’s No Harm, No Cowl with Miss Babs’ new Yowza Mini Trio in colorways Chirp, Slate and Blarney Stone. You can catch Miss Babs and Casapinka at Rhinebeck this weekend!

It’s amazing how squooshy and warm this cowl is! And it knits up quickly—it would make a great gift for someone special or for yourself to wear while attending the many upcoming fall festivals.

Photo Sep 16, 9 52 44 AM

My project notes are here.

This is also the first official tech edit I’ve done for Casapinka! After working with Bronnie for the last few years testing and knitting samples, it was a natural progression—a pleasure and a privilege to work with someone so talented, fun and kind!

If you want a quick knit and gorgeous, squishy gift for yourself or someone special, this fits the bill! Check out No Harm, No Cowl and Miss Babs’ Yowsa Mini Trios!


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