My patterns are available on knitCompanion!

I finally took the plunge and linked up with Create2Thrive to add my patterns to the KCDesigns shop!

What this means is they conform my PDF patterns to be used in the knitCompanion app (Apple, Android and Kindle Fire) where written or charted patterns can easily be followed with their line-by-line tracking. A huge benefit is that knitCompanion links to my Ravelry library (info here) and Dropbox so I can just point to a pattern and it’ll load from there. NO MORE STORING PAPER PATTERNS! For more info, check out their iOS info here or their Android info here.

Designers, they just charge an additional $4 on top of your pattern price. The designer is not charged and, in fact, it functions quite like selling your patterns via LYS. For more information about adding your patterns to the KCDesigns shop, here’s the link.

Check out this great resource for knitters and designers!


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