TUG electric ball winder

Because I knit a lot of samples for designers who like to use multiple skeins of yarn, manually winding two, three, or more 400-yard skeins into cakes was killing my wrist and elbow. So, I saved up and purchased TUG the electric ball winder, from Sawyer Bee.

I love TUG so much that I posted a 3-minute video showing how it works for a 414-yard skein of fingering weight yarn here.

The winder starts up slowly and then gets up to speed. It will automatically stop when it encounters a tangle or something that would prevent the yarn from winding. It does this by moving towards the source of the yarn, then stops. You can see this in the 2-minute TUG introductory video here.

There’s a variable-speed lever in the front. The older models had a knob, but my newer June 2019 version has a lever. My version also has a 3-rod tension bar design that’s updated from previous models’ pigtail or 4-rod tension bar. I can add tension to the yarn by having the yarn go around that vertical bar as shown in my video.

The TUG is a perfect size for my home and is very well-made. Small enough that it takes up very little space so I don’t have to put it away after each use.

For additional information visit Sawyer Bee’s web page and the successfully pledged TUG Kickstarter page. TUG is skillfully crafted in Michigan. If you’d like to inquire about availability and price, here’s the link to their contact page.

Mitch is continually improving TUG and has a Facebook group that addresses any questions or issues as well as improvements in his design. His response time on emails is quick, too.

If you’re looking for an electric yarn winder that looks good, doesn’t take up much space, is reasonably priced and beautifully handcrafted in the U.S., check this little winder out. It’s saved my wrist and arm and I highly recommend it!

2 thoughts on “TUG electric ball winder

  1. Jami Bova says:

    where can you buy one? The website you show has a description but no price or place to purchase, and looks like the last update on the kickstarter page was 2017


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