Hope Hat charity knit

Andrea Cull of Knitrino thought, “Shouldn’t everyone have the opportunity to wear a beautiful hand-knit hat?”

So she, with her sister, Alison, designed Hope Hat. Andrea tells it best:

… we are partnering with Seattle-based Elizabeth Gregory Home, who every year provides hats, scarves, and gloves to women who need them. The Elizabeth Gregory Home provides a welcoming and respectful refuge where homeless and at-risk women and those who identify as women have access to compassionate care, transitional housing, a Day Center, and case management services. EGH’s values are inclusion, respect, empathy, and community. So if you are a knitter who doesn’t wear a lot of hats, or want to make more than one, we will be collecting hats and delivering them to EGH. EGH prefers we collect the hats to give to them, but if you need a receipt for taxes you will need to send it directly to them.

Here’s mine knit up with Spun Right Round Superwash Sock in colorway Banshee and it’s on its way to Alison!

Here’s my project page for more info.

It’s a beautiful hat pattern and knits up quickly. Thank you, Andrea and Alison, for this lovely Hope Hat pattern for a worthy charity!

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