Broadway and 32nd Street Shawl

I thought the colors and the pattern looked a bit Christmas-y, so it’s my Happy Holidays! photo post today.

It’s the Broadway and 32nd Street shawl by Lesley Anne Robinson of Knit Graffiti Designs. This one is worked up in Potion Yarns Banshee in colorways Jeeves Does Not Approve, Milady’s Boudoir, Belle Du Jour, and We’ll Always Have Paris. My project notes are here.

I love how these colors worked together and they made such a lovely shawl! Once you get rolling, the pattern is easier to memorize and makes for a great in-between other things project.

My best to you today and have a safe and wonderful New Year!

One thought on “Broadway and 32nd Street Shawl

  1. M-R says:

    It’s YOU, Cindy !! – I couldn’t recall where I’d come across a briocher using multiple colours, and now I am reminded that it’s you.
    Hooray !
    I am amazingly impressed with the quality of your work; and it really shines, with brioche.
    Or maybe that’s because I particularly love this craft, eh ?


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