Chess Shawl

I really enjoyed test knitting Raina KruusChess Shawl with the other lovely test knitters last month.

The yarn is Dream in Color Jilly Cashmere in colorways Whetstone and Velvet Port.

The shawl is warm and squooshy and the pattern was a delight to knit. It came out to a good size, too. My project page is here.

For more info and to purchase the Chess Shawl pattern, check it out here.

4 thoughts on “Chess Shawl

  1. M-R says:

    Your usual top-class work, Cindy !
    I’ve just returned to making a shawl that’s the project in an on-line class given by Lesley Anne Robinson – I learned brioche from her but I never got to actually make the project. 😦 My bad.
    But I’m discovering how much more I find to enjoy in a pattern where the lace is not regular – where every 1st row is different.
    You – well, you can do anything. And brilliantly ! 😀

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