Breathe and Hope

Local Yarn Shop Day was scheduled for April 25th, but was postponed to September 12, 2020 due to Coronavirus, but that didn’t stop Bronnie of Casapinka fame to publish her pattern, Breathe and Hope, to aid local yarn shops in selling yarn to keep their businesses going. A purchase of two skeins of at least 400 yards of fingering yarn would get a free copy of Breathe and Hope.

So, I purchased a set of yarns from Trish at Yarn Social in Kansas City, Missouri, and received a download code by email for this fun pattern. While waiting for the yarn to arrive in the mail, I noticed that I had a set of yarns that would look great knitted up as this shawl, so I cast on immediately. (Don’t worry, Trish! I have a plan for the yarns I purchased from you!)

I used Leon Alexander Yarns Sock in colorways Fairy Fiesta (variegated) and Disco that I purchased from StevenBe in Minneapolis, Minnesota last time I visited.

Originally, I had the orange as Color A, but found it somewhat overpowering and switched it to Color B. It made a slight difference and I like this arrangement. My project notes are here.

The bind off was a Casapinka creation and made some cute bobbles. Her instructions in the pattern were clear, but her pattern page also included a link to a video showing how she made them. They were easy to memorize and went much more quickly than traditional bobbles.

Breathe and Hope made a great little shawl and I had fun knitting it. Please keep supporting your local yarn shops and thank Bronnie for her generous donation of her pattern for Local Yarn Shop Day!

7 thoughts on “Breathe and Hope

  1. M-R says:

    I was just thinking yesterday: “Haven’t seen anything from Cindy for a while ..” ! 🙂
    This is really gorgeous. Whoever would’ve thought those two yarns would turn out so well together ?!
    I should LOVE to be able to wander amongst your stash !!

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  2. Dee Lucas says:

    Those colors are just amazing! I,too, purchased 2 skeins from my LYS online. But the variegated one is only 385 yards. Do you think that will be enough?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Orange Smoothie says:

      If you use the variegated as color B, maybe. But here’s the deal, the pattern is very forgiving. If you get to the end and you’re questioning the amount of yarn you’ll have left, just don’t do as many final rows of the last major section before you do the bind off, you can then wing it on the bind off.


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